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Artistic expression has philanthropic benefit


5 June 2018

Local artist and calligrapher Roger Heng has been an OzChild supporter over a number of years. Through his love of Chinese calligraphy, stone seals carving and wooden calligraphy carving, Roger donates a portion of all proceeds from his work to OzChild.

Supporters such as Roger play a crucial role in helping support our many services so we asked him why he chose to donate to OzChild.

Tell me a bit about yourself?

I migrated from Singapore fourteen years ago. I’m currently semi-retired and keep myself busy by managing my real estate investments. I’m married with two lovely young adult children who are both working. My wife and I enjoy travelling and keeping fit, catching up with positive people and watching documentaries.

In my free time, I write Chinese calligraphy, do stone seal carving, and 2D and 3D wooden calligraphy carving. I enjoy being involved in the community, including as a member and past secretary of the Melbourne Artist Association which has more than thirty artists.

How do you raise the funds you donate?

My art pieces focus very much on family values, wisdom and personal character building. I have inherited a strong sense of Chinese culture which means I have always enjoyed calligraphy, philosophy and art.

I am not doing art to make a living, as I only work on commission. Thirty per cent of all the money collected from the sale of my art works are donated to OzChild.

Why did you choose OzChild for your donations?

I am from a single parent family and have strong empathy for those children from less fortunate families. I was lucky to turn out all right but many may not be so.

I hope by contributing to OzChild I am helping to support those young children who will be the future leaders of our community. Hopefully in some small way, I can encourage more people to support OzChild and the work they do with children, young people and families around Australia.

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