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The SafeCare Model is an evidence-based program for parents of children aged 0-5 who are at-risk of, or have been reported for child neglect or physical abuse.

SafeCare Educators work with families at home to improve their parenting skills. Educators make weekly home visits lasting from 50-90 minutes each for about 20 weeks, per family.

Who are we supporting with SafeCare?

SafeCare is suitable for most families who have at least one child aged between 0-5 years, where the child is living in the home or is on a reunification foster care plan.

How are services delivered?

There are three SafeCare modules. Each of the modules begin with observational assessments to determine parents’ strengths and areas for improvement. Educators will then conduct four training sessions until the parents show improvement in skills, concluding with a final observational assessment. Training sessions use principles from well-established social learning theory and practice.

SafeCare modules

Parent-infant/child interaction module

This module focuses on parent-infant interactions (PII) up to 18 months and parent-child interactions (PCI) for older children. Parents learn to increase positive interactions with their child and how to structure engaging and stimulating daily activities. PCI also helps parents to reduce challenging behaviours and to have more confidence in their parenting.

Health module

The health module teaches parents to identify and care for childhood illnesses and injuries. Parents learn when and how to care for a child at home, see a doctor, and seek emergency help. Parents are also taught to use health reference materials, including a validated SafeCare health manual.

Home safety module

This module helps parents identify and eliminate common household hazards. Parents learn how to eliminate hazards and they’re also taught the importance of supervision.

SafeCare on Four Corners

Back in August 2018, SafeCare was featured on the ABC’s Four Corners program.

Watch the full episode of Parenting 101 here.

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