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You can find the essential information to become a foster carer with OzChild in your digital info pack. It will guide you through the process, answering questions you may still have so that you can provide a safe and loving home for a vulnerable young person in need. Your decision to become a specialised foster carer can change a young person’s life, giving them the care and support they deserve.

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What’s Included in your Information Pack?

  • A video that tells you all about the program, including what the young people are like, the support you will receive as a carer and what a day in the life of a carer looks like.
  • A Q&A video with one of our carers, Renee, who shared her real-life stories and experiences as a specialised foster carer.
  • Next steps in the process of becoming an accredited carer.

Specialised Foster Care

Here’s what other specialised foster carers have to say

The impact of the TFCO program has been truly remarkable. Witnessing the positive changes in the kid’s behaviour and well-being has confirmed my belief in the power of the specialised foster care program.

Sam, 61Retired

At first, we were uncertain about becoming specialised foster carers, but since becoming carers, we’ve both discovered a newfound love and fulfilment in providing dedicated support to these amazing children.

Mark, 40 & Jenny, 38Married

Having moved from traditional foster care to the TFCO program, I love the structured approach and support the OzChild team offers. It’s a game-changer for both the children and the carers.

Paula, 47Single no children
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