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Mentors in our Lead Tenant program help two young people learn how to tackle the many early adulthood challenges of school, work experience, career choices and promoting independent living skills.

Lead Tenant provides semi-independent accommodation and support for young people aged 16-18 who are unable to live with their family due to issues of abuse or neglect. The young people are supported by a volunteer adult who provides day-to-day guidance and mature role modelling, with additional support provided by case managers and youth workers.

Lead Tenant placements take place in residences within local communities where a young person or persons reside with a ‘lead tenant’ (an adult volunteer) who provides support and guidance in developing their independent living skills.

What does being a Lead Tenant live-in mentor involve?

As a Lead Tenant live-in mentor, your primary role is to mentor, support and help create a positive environment for two young people aged 16-18 in a shared house arrangement.

  • You will be sharing a residence with one other mentor.
  • You must live in the Western Melbourne region.
  • You must be aged 21 and over and be employed or studying full-time.

What are the benefits of being a Lead Tenant live-in mentor?

  • As a live-in mentor, your accommodation, rent and utility bills are taken care of.
  • Be part of a team with a unique culture that promotes shared values with ongoing training and support.
  • Gain experience working with young people while working alongside case managers to increase your sector knowledge.

Commonly asked questions

Your impact on a young person

As a lead tenant, you’ll be a positive role model in the home, demonstrating how to support with household chores and daily routines. You’ll also guide the two young people in managing their day-to-day living needs. A typical day usually involves the young people attending school or work and coming together to make dinner in the evenings. It’s an opportunity to bond and prepare the two young people to transition to independent living.

Young people come into the program with little to no life skills, and by the time they leave, they have learnt how to cook, clean, do their washing and be ready for the big wide world. Lead Tenants work closely with OzChild youth workers to ensure engagement in education or employment, paving the way for a successful transition into independent living.

While lead tenants are not explicitly required to aid in education or employment, they often play a vital role in encouraging and supporting young people in these areas. Lead tenants positively influence the educational and career aspirations of the young people they support. Lead Tenants work closely with the OzChild team to ensure that the young person is actively engaged in either work or education.

Yes, you can work full-time and be a Lead Tenant. Many Lead Tenants have careers or jobs while being a mentor. The flexibility of the program allows you to balance your work commitments with your responsibilities as a Lead Tenant, making it accessible to individuals with various schedules.

Being a Lead Tenant impacts a young person’s life, offering guidance, mentorship, and a supportive home environment that helps them build essential life skills and gain confidence for their journey towards independence.
Ange OzChild Lead Tenant

“I enjoy that I can not only be a mentor to the young person, but also a friend. I enjoy that I can help out as much as I can.”

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