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Putting Families First (PFF)

A collaborative approach to supporting families in the Brimbank - Melton community where there has been involvement with the justice system in the past 12 months

The Putting Families First (PFF) program works to streamline a one-stop approach to supporting complex high-risk families who are involved in the child protection and criminal justice systems. Many face critical issues such as gang involvement, alcohol and drug dependencies and homelessness, making engagement difficult and unpredictable.

Funded by the Victorian State Government the PFF program will provide families in Melbourne’s Brimbank-Melton area and Goulburn region with a grassroots, community-driven approach aimed at keeping families together and supporting them to overcome the challenges they face. 

For families who have been involved with the justice system, this support aims to build skills such as:

  • Building Family Skills: PFF helps families develop the skills necessary to improve relationships and foster a supportive home environment. This includes parenting support and conflict resolution strategies. 
  • Improving School Attendance: Ensuring that children regularly attend school is vital for their long-term success. PFF works with families to identify and overcome barriers to education, promoting consistent attendance. 
  • Securing Housing: Stable housing is a critical component of family well-being. PFF assists families in finding and maintaining secure housing, reducing the stress and instability that can contribute to criminal behaviour. 
  • Community Connection: By connecting families to their community, PFF helps them build a supportive network. This includes linking them to training and employment opportunities, which are essential for breaking the cycle of disadvantage. 
  • Promoting Health: Improving both child and parental health is central to PFF’s mission. The program emphasises reducing offending behaviour by addressing health issues, including mental health and substance abuse. 
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Self-Determination: Recognising the diverse backgrounds of the families they serve, PFF works with cultural sensitivity and promotes self-determination. This approach ensures that support is tailored to the unique needs of each family.

Putting Families First will engage the support of Foundation House (FH), a specialist refugee trauma agency supporting survivors of torture and other traumatic events to provide professional learning opportunities to staff to ensure appropriate and specialised support for culturally and linguistically diverse community members is delivered.

Together we look forward to being able to achieve life-changing outcomes for families in the Brimbank -Melton community Goulburn region and to growing our partnership with the Victorian Government through the Putting Families First initiative. We applaud the government’s commitment to creating equal opportunities for all Victorians to live a safe, respected, and valued life.

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