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Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO)

Treatment Foster Care Oregon is a specialised foster care program that supports children and young people with complex behaviours.

What is Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO)?

Treatment Foster Care Oregon is a specialised foster care program based on over 30 years of international evidence and research that improves behaviours in children and young people.

The program is designed to increase positive behaviours in children aged 7-11 (VIC and QLD) and 7-17 (NSW) with the aim of reuniting them with their families. It’s a short-term placement of around six to 12 months in the specialised foster carers home, with 24/7 on-call support.

All qualified carers receive a tax-free reimbursement of $75,000 per annum (VIC and NSW) and $65,000 per annum (QLD) to help with the costs associated with supporting a child or young person.

How is TFCO different to other types of foster care?

  • An Exact Program Guide: TFCO carers are closely supervised daily, directed and must follow the exact instruction in this highly prescriptive program.
  • Short Term: This program needs typically six to 12 months to make positive changes in a child or young person’s behaviour, enabling them to live well in a stable family environment.
  • Flexibility: TFCO carers will need to be available for their foster child or young person if needed at any time day or night.
  • Highly Supportive: TFCO carers will be supported 24/7 by a team of professionals, daily calls, financial reimbursements and respite care.
  • Specific Age Groups: The TFCO-C program currently supports children aged between 7–11 years & the TFCO-A program currently supports young people aged 12-17 years.
  • Location: TFCO carers will live within one hour of the TFCO offices in either NSW, QLD or VIC.
  • Transition Support: TFCO continues to support the birth family or long-term carer for approximately three months after the child or young person has transitioned to their care (this can be extended in some circumstances).

Key areas of focus

  1. A consistent, reinforcing environment with mentoring and encouragement
  2. Daily structure with clear expectations and fair and specific consequences
  3. A high level of supervision
  4. Limited access to problem peers along with access to prosocial peers
  5. An environment that supports daily school attendance and engagement

Become a specialised
Foster Carer

Becoming a specialised foster carer can be incredibly fulfilling, knowing you’re helping get children and young people with complex behaviours back on track, and giving them the best chance to shine.


Read some of our success stories from our TFCO program

Jane’s story

Although it has not been an easy journey, Jane’s progress has been remarkable since being placed in the TFCO program and she continues to show positive signs with her new carers. Read more about Jane’s remarkable story.

Jane’s story
The Harrington Family’s story

Thanks to the support of our team in the South West, the Harrington family were provided with an integrated service experience that was responsive to their expressed goals and need in real time. Hear more about their story now.

The Harrington Family’s story
William’s story

Since being placed in the specialised foster care program, Treatment Foster Care Oregon, William has made great progress at home and school. Read more about William’s remarkable story.

William’s story
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VIC: 03 9212 3947tfco@ozchild.org.au
NSW: 1800 982 115tfco-nsw@ozchild.org.au
QLD: 1800 870 070 |  tfco-qld@ozchild.org.au

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