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OzChild needs your help to transform the life of a young person in need.

Become a treatment foster carer

Young people do best when in family, or family-like environments. Due to the shortage of foster carers, when young people can’t safely stay with their parents they often end up in residential care.

Without appropriate care and support, the future for many of these kids is bleak.

“Being a treatment foster carer is a challenging, yet rewarding experience that helps to transform the life of a young person in need.”

– John (52), Treatment foster carer

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Fill out our form below and we’ll send you an info pack to help answer your questions about treatment foster care and we’ll include some options for you and anyone else in your household to attend an online information session.

You are embarking on an incredible journey helping a child or young person get back on track. No child or young person is a lost cause.

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