A Systematic Approach

News, Prevention & Strengthening | Posted April 4, 2024
A Systematic Approach

In a recent investigation conducted in 2023, researchers delved into the profound effects of environmental conditions on the long-term health and development of children. Entitled ‘The Environment We Shape: Key to Healthy Development,’ the study highlighted a crucial truth: the environments in which children grow and develop wield significant influence, both positively and negatively, on their overall wellbeing. 

A standout discovery from the research was the stark contrast between environments that promoted healthy development and those that hindered it. While many findings may appear obvious, the study shed light on a more nuanced aspect: the profound and enduring impact of early environmental exposures on biological systems and the microbiome.  

The results emphasised that the conditions children experience during crucial developmental stages can shape their health trajectories for years. This is a realisation we had back when we were creating our strategic plan to 2026.  Which is why we are investing more in evidence-based prevention and early intervention programs aimed at keeping families together for longer. 

It also highlights the urgency of transitioning children and young people from detrimental environments to positive ones at the earliest opportunity, as research shows that children and young people experience heightened sensitivity to influences during various developmental stages.  

This is why, when children and young people must be placed in out-of-home care, we strive for their care, treatment and support to be guided by evidence, knowing that this contributes to a healthier, stronger, and safer community. 

All children, regardless of background or current living environment, deserve the chance to thrive in environments that foster their healthy development. It serves as a call to prioritise creating nurturing environments that lay the foundation for our children and young people. Ultimately, investing in the wellbeing of our youth today is an investment in the wellbeing of society as a whole tomorrow. 

If you would like to learn more about becoming a foster carer, please enquire with our team here.

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