Camilla: helping a young woman follow her dreams

Camilla: helping a young woman follow her dreams


Camilla’s childhood experience of abuse and neglect hasn’t stopped her from going after her dreams.

Despite her childhood trauma, Camilla is an unusually dedicated and focused student who at sixteen, realised she had a passion for animals and wants to become a zoologist. When a tremendous opportunity arose for her participate in an study group overseas, she wanted nothing else except to go and learn more.

Camilla’s foster carers both work but like so many Australians today, their income could never cover such an expensive activity. For them, funding an overseas trip was impossible.

OzChild’s Chance to Shine Scholarship provides funding to young people who deserve every opportunity and shouldn’t be held back because of a lack of money and Camilla, who demonstrates her commitment to succeed despite disadvantage, is a perfect candidate.

$300 = Support our OzChild Chance to Shine Scholarships.



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