National Child Protection Week 2023

News, Prevention & Strengthening | Posted August 25, 2023
National Child Protection Week 2023

3-9 September

“Where we start matters, but remember, where we start isn’t where we finish.”

Child Protection week is here for 2023 and as an organisation we are collectively reflecting on our role in safeguarding children from abuse and harm. This year, the theme will continue to champion the message ‘Every child in every community needs a fair go’.  

This message underscores the significance of not only safeguarding children but also nurturing their potential through equal opportunity and focused support. When children are given the tools to communicate their needs, wants and fears, the opportunities are endless for what they can do and where they will go in life.

In our service delivery, there is a strong focus on reducing harm through prevention programs to ensure children can live in an environment that’s safe and conducive to growing up in a stable home life. Resources and evidence based reports from organisations such as the National Association of Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect inform and guide us in this process of support.

We invite you to talk about this theme to explore the many ways that ‘where we start matters’ for children, young people and their families.

A lot is already known about what children in Australia need; let’s listen deeply to what they are saying and continue to build on this

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Foster Care Week 2023 is here!

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Building a Safer Future for Australian Children: Child Protection Week 2023

Child maltreatment is a pervasive issue that casts a long, dark shadow over the lives of countless young Australians. It’s a problem that transcends social, economic, and cultural boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on victims and society as a whole.


The JC Butler award recognises Renee Faure as this year’s recipient for her outstanding work in caring and supporting her nephews as their kinship carer.

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