Local car dealer encouraging customers to give a little to help kids in need

Donation, News | Posted June 30, 2022
Local car dealer encouraging customers to give a little to help kids in need

In late June, Victoria’s largest family-owned vehicle dealership, Booran Motor Group launched a donation campaign aimed at giving back to the local community.

Booran’s Cars4Kids campaign will benefit OzChild in providing additional support for children, young people and their carers in foster or kinship care, ensuring they receive the support they deserve.

Beyond their business successes, Booran Motors are long-standing supporters of OzChild and this year Booran is taking their support towards OzChild one step further with the Cars4Kids campaign.

Booran Motors Group Dandenong OzChild Cars 4 Kids Cars4Kids

Booran Motors is opting to give their valued customers a chance at giving back to the local community. All they need to do is contribute $10 to the purchase price of their new vehicle, which will be donated to OzChild’s Thriving Families program.

The campaign will be launched at Booran’s Dandenong dealerships which includes Dandenong Mitsubishi, Dandenong Hyundai, Booran Suzuki, Dandenong MG, Dandenong Nissan, Dandenong Kia and Dandenong Used Cars. 

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to purchase a vehicle to drop into Booran Motors Dandenong dealership locations and support the campaign. Not only will you be supporting a local business but by adding just $10 to the purchase price of your new car you will make a difference in a child’s life.

“Booran invites the local community to be a part of this campaign and make purchasing their dream car a truly worthwhile cause. A donation of just $10 will go a long way in giving hope to local children and young people, giving them the chance at the future they deserve.”

– Steve Cadden, Managing Director, Booran Motors.

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