Program funding approved by NSW Government

News | Posted July 4, 2023
Program funding approved by NSW Government

Families on the NSW Central Coast will continue accessing support via the FFT program. With funding now approved to keep the program running for the next 12 months. An assessment of the program will be conducted by the NSW government to inform continued support.

The program in question is revolutionising the way in which adolescent violence in the home is addressed. Disrupting the intergenerational transmission of family violence.

For the past three years the NSW Government has funded the evidence-based program Functional Family Therapy (FFT), delivered by OzChild. The program has been life changing for the 104 families who have completed the program. 21 families are already on the waitlist, and will benefit from the renewed funding proposal well into 2024.

“This program is contributing to safer families, safer communities, stopping harmful behaviours from causing more harm within the family. Working to stop the transference of violence into adult relationships”  

says Dr Lisa J. Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer, OzChild

FFT is an evidence-based program helps families overcome challenges such as communication problems, substance abuse, and mental health issues.  

This early intervention program centres around reducing conflict, improving communication, and teaching young people how to better manage their behaviours. The program extends to building the capability of parents to address impacts of trauma within the family. 

Through the program, the families learn new ways to communicate with each other and work together to support recovery. They also learn how to set boundaries and manage emotions, which helps to reduce conflict in the family. 

Funding a brighter future

The Robertson’s story is just one example of the many families who could benefit from FFT in New South Wales. By funding FFT, the government make real and lasting differences for families who have experienced domestic violence for generations. Stopping the escalation of violence and protect victim-survivors from both immediate and long-term harm. 

Funding FFT is a wise investment long-term. By implementing support early on, the government can reduce the likelihood that families will require more expensive and intensive interventions later. This not only provides significant cost savings to government but improves safety and wellbeing of children and young people. A change that positively impacts the wider community. 

Investing in FFT won’t solve the family and domestic violence crisis alone, but does help disrupt cycles of violence in families. This can stop harmful behaviours from escalating now and into adulthood. 

OzChild commends the NSW for their diligent call to renew funding. Keeping the program up and running for the foreseeable future.

For more information on our programs, visit our evidence-based program guide.

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