Amber’s story

BY Amber| Posted December 4, 2019
Amber’s story

Amber was referred to the SafeCare® program as she was strug­gling with the day-to-day parenting of her daughter Nara who was two and a half and son Roman who was one and a half. Amber had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and has dyslexia.

From the beginning, Amber was willing to commit to completing the program. She undertook each of the three modules, Parent Child Interaction, the Health module and the Safety module. 

As Amber progressed through the modules, her confidence in her parenting improved and the home went from a chaotic environment to a structured and calm one, with age appropriate activities, routines and suitable bedtimes for the children.

“Having a SafeCare® Program in your own home helps to break the cycle and get you and your children into a good routine.”

Amber also improved her health and safety knowledge, learning to identify child illnesses and identifying hazards around the home.

Upon completion of the SafeCare® Program, Amber was incredibly proud and had a renewed confidence in her parenting skills and her ability to care for her two children.


SafeCare® is an evidence-based parenting program for parents of children aged 0-5 who are at-risk of, or have been reported for child neglect or physical abuse. SafeCare® Educators work with families at home to improve their parenting skills.

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