More about Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

MST is the only intervention for high risk young people where results have been repeatedly replicated by independent research teams. This is supported with proven results across 74 published studies across 57,000 families highlighting the following outcomes at the close of treatment:

• 91% young people live at home
• 86% in school or working
• 87% no juvenile arrests

For juvenile offenders
• 54% fewer rearrests over 14 years
• 75% fewer felony arrests over 22 years
• 54% fewer out of home placements median across all studies

For abused and neglected children
• 95% no re-abuse incidents over 16 months
• 86% young people live at home over 16 months
• 91% young people report no post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) over 16 months

For the whole family:
• 40% reduction in overall sibling arrest rates
• 55% reduction in sibling felony arrest rates
• 94% fewer care giver felonies1

By comparison to youth receiving usual services, MST demonstrated:
• 70% fewer arrests among recidivists, typically for less serious crimes.
• 20% favourable recidivism rates
• The annualised rate of days incarcerated was 47% lower for youth in MST.
• Significant decrease in nonviolent offenses at the 12-month follow-up assessment.
• Significantly more open custody sentences and fewer secure custody sentences.
• Significantly better parent reports of youths’ externalizing behaviour.
• Improvement in functioning over time on four measures: school, home, work, and moods and emotions2

1 MST Services –

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