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I am 14 years old and in year 9 at school. I enjoy watching YouTube videos, especially ones that teach me about hair and makeup. I am really passionate about singing and dance too, which I love to do by myself or in front of other people. When I hangout with my friends, we share videos and learn dances together, it’s really fun.

I love having McDonalds as a special, sometimes treat, but eat pretty healthy most of the time with my fruits and vegetables.

I am in contact with my mum and have a community support worker who checks in with me and makes sure I have everything I need. Ideally I would suit a house with other older teenagers, single or married carers. Feeling safe and comfortable is important to me. I am at my best when I feel included and the people I live with make an effort to build a relationship with me.

“Singing and dancing are my passion. I love to share it with other people, especially my friends and carers so they can be involved too. I hope my new home will be a warm and welcoming place for me to express myself, that is really important to me”

In the future, I hope I can keep going to school and perhaps get a part-time job when the time is right. I am keeping contact with my mum, I hope I can live with her in the future if its possible. I want to feel accepted wherever I am, and spend my teen years with people who really care about me.

*Image and name have been changed to protect the child’s and family’s identity.

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