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Favourite Food

Chicken Tenders



Favourite Activity


I am 13 years old and in year 7 at school. I enjoy playing video games and watching TV shows on Netflix and I’m really passionate about soccer and swimming. I go to school 5 days a week, and can even walk to and from by myself. I like when my carers feel they can trust me to do things by myself, it makes me feel validated and understood.

When I get the chance, I love going to the footy! I also attend Scouts, which has been helpful for me to learn new skills and make new friends. Once a week I get to have a FaceTime call with my Dad, which is important for me because I want to stay connected with my family.

“I love to spend the weekend hanging out with my friends, playing soccer and riding our bikes. I’m also really good at games on the PlayStation. I would thrive with a carer who wants to play with me, engage in the things I like and showing me I am trusted.”

Sometimes I can be sensitive to plans changing without a warning or when I’m not allowed to do something. When this happens, I appreciate when my carer can take the time to talk to me about it and allow me to calm to things in my own time. It is helpful for me if my carer is a patient and understanding person, this makes it easier for me to feel safe and included in the home.

In the future, I want to be a famous soccer player and travel to Japan. I am a kind and caring person, so I hope I can be placed with carers who are the same.

*Image and name have been changed to protect the child’s and family’s identity.

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