Meet Kinship Carer – Jane

For seven years Jane has been caring for her grandchildren, and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

“I love getting to help my grandchildren achieve their goals and seeing how proud they are of themselves when they master skills,” says Jane.

The number of children placed with relatives, family friends or kith has increased markedly in Australia over the last few decades. Children living in relative or kinship care in Victoria makeup 52% of those in out-of-home care, of those 44% are grandparents.

Jane’s grandkids are 10 and seven years old now, and while the family have adjusted well and settled into a good routine Jane remembers what it was like when the children first came to live with her.

“Oh, I struggled a bit at the start. I found it hard to adjust my routine to suit their needs. I am so grateful for my OzChild Case Worker who was so supportive and introduced me to my kinship group. I have learnt so much from them.”

While Jane adores her grandchildren and loves having them around, she does admit getting enough sleep can be a challenge, and “I have to be super patient with them, but it’s worth every moment!

“I especially love the time we spend cooking and gardening and the art and crafts of course,” says Jane.

Jane has just one wish for young Australians “a safe and happy environment to grow up in, that’s what I wish for all kids.”

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