Meet Foster Carers, Kris and Rick

Meet OzChild Foster Carers, Kris and Rick

Kris and Rick became accredited foster carers in June of 2012.

Prior to joining the OzChild family, this inspirational couple gained extensive parenting experience raising five biological children between them, and from their initial enquiry, it was evident that they had a lot of love to give. 

Rick and Kris had a particular interest in wanting to provide care to children with disabilities, and over the years have provided exceptional care for a number of children and young people.

Not long after becoming accredited carers they both gave up their jobs to ensure they could give everything to the kids who needed them most.

Currently, the couple are caring for three children long-term and continue to care for a fourth young person who has recently turned 18 and will require lifelong 24-hour care.

Despite these children having a combination of 33 and counting diagnoses, which include Down’s Syndrome, Incontinence, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Peg Fed, Non-Verbal, Scoliosis, Autism, Intellectual Disability and Quadriplegia, Kris and Rick believe that these children are nothing less than perfect.

A typical 24-hour period consists of a complex medication’s regime, feeding, flushing, tubing, changing, bathing, massaging, scheduled and unscheduled medical interventions overnight and a melody of appointments. Kris has endured countless extended stays in hospital over the years to accommodate major surgeries and life-threatening illnesses, whilst Rick runs the well-oiled machine at home. 

There is NEVER a time where they can indulge in a sleep in, sleep through the night, leave the children with Nan, or even simply order take away food and have a night off cooking due to the children’s medical needs. Their commitment to their children is beyond belief.

Kris and Rick moved to Gippsland for the sole purpose of buying a house big enough to accommodate their very large family.  They have given everything to creating a home that is disability friendly and provides a haven for their beautiful children. 

Kris and Rick never take a single day for granted, and love nothing more than being able to love and hold their children.

This very quiet and shy couple were recently awarded the Carers Award in the Victorian Protecting Children Awards, for their dedication to their role as carers.

Humble, kind and generous, they are amazing humans, incredible parents, and doting foster carers. A shining light and inspiration to many, Kris and Rick are very worthy recipients of this awards, and we could not be prouder, or more delighted to see them recognised in this way.

When they received news of the award, Kris said:

“Rick and I were taken back when our names were read out, we were totally surprised as we know there are many very worthy foster carers who deserve to be recognised as we were today.

We are extremely lucky to be taking care of the fantastic children we have; I think they all deserve a medal for putting up with us at times.

We would just like to send a big thank you to you all, to our families, our friends, our support workers, to all the medical team we rely on and thank you to Oz Child especially Corrina for nominating us in the first place, for listening to me when I go on and on, for believing in us. Thank you Oz Child for trusting us to look after and love our amazing children. This award is for them.”

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Every day there are kids who need the love and support of a very special kind of carer.

Could you commit to the long-term care of a child or young person with special needs?

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