I'm Ashley

Could you care?

Favourite Activity

Playing video games

Favourite Food

Spicy food





I am 12 years old and in year 7. I love watching YouTube videos, being creative and spending time with my friends. I have a busy day schedule, so I need a home environment that can help me feel at ease at night.

“Ashley* loves going out and getting involved, he is has come along way since we started working together each other. He really enjoys when his projects can be done alongside another person. It really helps with his confidence,” says his Community Engagement worker.

I enjoy spending time with my two closest friends Michael* and Hunter* who I gets to spend time with at their houses for play dates and sleep overs. I hopes I can continue this with my next family.

I would benefit from being in a household where my specific needs can be met regarding my emotional wellbeing. I need boundaries to help guide my behaviour, so having a structured home space will also benefit me.

“I want to have strong connection to my culture and beliefs. I have a busy timetable with loads interests, so the ideal carer would be someone I could share that with.”

I has a strong connection to my birth family and still see’s them as a part of an agreed upon schedule.

Aside from attending school and activities outside school hours, I have a support worker who I sees twice a week. I enjoy spending time with them, watching movies and going to the swimming pool together. Sometimes I can spend up to six hours a week with my support worker which would give my new carers some time on their own.

Most of the time, I am able to maintain an appropriate level of self-care but will need a support and reminding to do these tasks. At times I does get frustrated when I feels misunderstood, but I am working on ways to better express myself. I would love to have the chance to grow and learn with a carer who is willing to commit to supporting my needs.

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