Jillian Wain Award Recipient 2022

Leonie has been dedicated to caring for children for more than 30 years, becoming a foster carer in 1983. During this time Leonie has cared for more than 320 children. A strong advocate for children and an incredible supporter of biological family Leonie regards her role as a carer as her vocation in life.

Committed to ensuring the children in her care are given every opportunity to connect with family or transition smoothly to permanent care, Leonie often opens her home and her heart to biological family, new permanent or adoptive carers to ensure connections are formed and relationships maintained.

Leonie firmly believes in meeting parents, so they know who is looking after their child, and is determined to build positive, supportive relationships with children’s biological family, which results in great outcomes for children.

Leonie ensures parents are never forgotten, often sharing photos with them, recording milestones and purchasing gifts on Mother’s Day and other celebrations. 

She cares deeply about maintaining connections for kids while offering a loving, stable, safe, and nurturing home for babies and small children.

During her time as a foster carer, Leonie has cared for several children who have had significant medical and disability needs and has modified her home to ensure it is accessible for children with disability, including installing a ramp to the front door, and renovating her bathroom so it can be accessed by children in a wheelchair or those who use a hoist.

A staunch advocate for children, families and other carers, Leonie is an active member of OzChild’s Carer Consultation Group and is a key contributor to OzChild’s ‘Thriving Families’ carer strategy. 

And it doesn’t stop there, Leonie also volunteers her time as a ‘Buddy’ to newly accredited carers, providing new carers with somebody to lean on, a listening ear, advice, and friendship.  She attends most OzChild community events and is always happy to connect and share her experience with new carer.

Courageous, humble, caring and kind, we couldn’t be happier to see Leonie’s contribution recognised with the Jillian Wain Award. 

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