Elizabeth Tudor Award 2020

Elizabeth Tudor Award 2020 – recognising our amazing foster carers

This award recognises the outstanding dedication and commitment of a foster carer within our In-Home Care program in Southern Melbourne and Gippsland in the spirit of an inspirational lady – Elizabeth Tudor.

Elizabeth passed away early in 2015 and was a Life Member of OzChild. Elizabeth sat on the Board of Melbourne Family Care, one of OzChild’s founding organisations and she had a strong sense of community service, being active in her community for many years during the 20th Century.

During this time Elizabeth ran a young wives visiting club for immigrant women living in high rise flats in inner Melbourne which commenced in the late 1960s and continued for over 30 years. This provided practical outreach to vulnerable women and we know that to engage with vulnerable people we need to reach out to them – Elizabeth demonstrated how this can be done.

Elizabeth was humble in her community work and the very breadth and scale of her work did not emerge until after her death.

Elizabeth’s qualities were many – but her family and those close to Elizabeth speak highly of her:

  • Strong sense of service to others and service to those who were disadvantage and in need
  • Elizabeth was an advocate and leader for women and children and held personal qualities of courage, adventure, warmth, love, and spirituality
  • And she was humble, as many close to her were unaware of the extent of her support for the disadvantaged.

The recipients of the 2020 Elizabeth Tudor are Janelle Crossett and Russell Jones.

Nell and Russ have been OzChild foster carers since early 2015. Two weeks into their foster care journey two siblings entered their world, and they remain with them today.

Over the past 12 months, the family have experienced major highs and lows, together the couple have continued to provide unwavering love, commitment and support to the children.

Both Russ and Nell are very strong advocates for the children in their care, navigating through challenging times to ensure their voices are heard.

Even in the face of adversity Nell presents to those around her as a positive and reliable source of direction and comfort. Nell’s resilience, and the high value she places on education, is a wonderful example to the children in her care.

Nell and Russ believe in giving the kids the best experiences they can, recently undertaking a three-month long trip in a campervan around Australia together. This was the trip of a lifetime for the family.

Nell also volunteers her time at foster care information sessions and carer training, to share her experience with those considering becoming a foster carer.

While Russ enjoys cooking with the children and treasures the time they spent hiking and bike riding and exploring together during their trip around Australia.

Nell and Russ are a true inspiration and very worthy recipients of the 2020 Elizabeth Tudor Award.

Thank you for everything you do for the children in your care, giving them the greatest chance at a bright future.

Elizabeth Tudor Award Announcement
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