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At OzChild, our commitment is to create a brighter future for those we support, and we truly believe regardless of the circumstances, every child deserves the opportunity to thrive. 

OzChild’s Chance to Shine Scholarship Program gives every child and young person a chance to do their best in school and achieve their dreams. 

Could you please make a donation to our back-to-school appeal to ensure when the new school year comes around we are able to help families in need? Our goal is to raise $34,560 to ensure that every child and young person supported by OzChild has access to the resources they need to find their shine.

With the cost of living rising and children and young people needing resources to support them back at school, we are seeking donations to our Back-to-School appeal. 

According to an insights article recently released by Finder, in 2024 a fresh set of school supplies complete with textbooks, stationery, and uniforms can cost parents and carers an average of $684 for primary school children, with the costs expected to be around $1,132 if carers or parents have young people transitioning from primary to high school.  

You can help ease the financial strain by donating to our Back-to-School appeal and support the OzChild Chance to Shine scholarship program so we can be there for those who are doing it tough in the lead up to this time of year. 

Prior to being placed with his carers, Olivia* and Sean*, Ben* faced one of the most traumatic experiences a child can endure. 

A family domestic violence situation between Ben’s parents resulted in him being separated from them. The heartache, confusion, and emotional instability cast a heavy cloud over him. These feelings followed him to school, causing distractions and making it incredibly challenging for him to focus on his studies. 

“One of Ben’s school teachers mentioned that sometimes he would get lost in thought, gazing into the distance during class,” said Olivia, Ben’s foster carer. 

Thanks to the Chance to Shine Scholarship program, Ben’s carers were able to provide him with child counselling and the extra tutoring he needed to help with his schoolwork. 

The counselling helped Ben to feel understood and valued, which was vital for his emotional and mental well-being, and the tutoring helped Ben learn and understand new concepts and complete assignments. 

Thanks to the counselling and tutoring Ben received through the Chance to Shine Scholarship, his journey to healing and growth was made that little bit easier. 

Children and young people shouldn’t be defined by their past or current challenges. Instead, they deserve to be empowered by us and offered the unwavering love, support, and resources they need to thrive. 

Your generous gift today can transform a child’s life, giving them a chance to receive support to do well at school, rebuild confidence, and experience the joy of being a child, regardless of what life might throw their way. 

Please will you make a donation today to help us support more children like Ben. 

Before receiving counselling, Ben often isolated himself. The traumatic memories he has of watching his parents constantly fight and the sadness of being separated from his family has caused him great pain. The scars from his past created a world where Ben thought adults couldn’t be trusted, making it especially difficult for him to trust his carers or teachers and leading him to avoid making friends. 

But as he began attending his counselling sessions, with the consistent care and understanding he received from his carers Olivia and Sean, the walls Ben had built up began to slowly crumble down. 

“It’s only been a couple of months, but Ben’s school work has improved out of sight, and he is interacting well with other kids. The sessions are definitely helping him to feel confident about making friends and he has begun to open up and talk to us,” said Sean. 

One-on-one tutoring sessions helped Ben break down complex topics in a way he could easily grasp. Ben has always had a soft spot for science; it was one of his favourite subjects, but the traumatic incidents he had faced were distracting him so much that he was unable to concentrate. 

Thanks to the tutoring sessions covered by the scholarship, Ben was slowly finding his way back. The personalised attention to his studies helped him develop a clearer understanding and gave him the confidence to complete his assignments with interest.  

Your donation today can help shape a child or young person’s future, by providing them with the necessary tools they need to do well in school, and giving them hope for what the future could hold. 

When Ben’s carers recognised his love for science, they used some of the funds from the scholarship to buy him a worm farm. This allowed Ben to dive into a hands-on experiment about composting for a school science project. It provided Ben with a sense of purpose and achievement as he watched the lifecycle and benefits of composting unfold right before his eyes. 

“Ben absolutely loved his worm farm; he is more engaged with the subject, learning and talking about it non-stop. Seeing the change in Ben has been wonderful, he really is such a special little boy, we are all so pleased to see him coming out of his shell, and beginning to heal,” said Amy, OzChild Carer Support Worker.

This wouldn’t have been possible if Ben’s carers hadn’t received the financial support they needed to help him. The Chance to Shine Scholarship is not just providing financial relief for caregivers; it can be a lifeline for children and young people too. 

Stories like Ben’s are exactly why OzChild’s Chance to Shine Scholarship program is so important. There are many other children and young people whose narratives are yet to be written. Donations supporting this critical program really do mean the world to so many. 

Thanks to people like you, scholarships have become an essential part of the additional support we provide to so many families. 

Last year we saw a surge in applications from families doing it tough. 233 scholarships were awarded during the 2023 financial year, 70 per cent more than the previous year. The average value of the scholarships reaching almost $800 to help pay for things like gym classes, art therapy, laptops, and sports gear, along with school shoes, uniforms and dance and music lessons, not to mention tutoring and counselling sessions like Ben received. 

A tax-deductible donation today will make an immediate difference in the life of a child like Ben, giving them hope for a brighter future. 

Please, could you donate a gift of $35, $55, or even $115 to our Chance to Shine Scholarship program today? 

We need your help to raise $34,560 so we can continue to provide much-needed financial support to parents and carers into the 2024 school year. 

Please call us today on 03 9695 2237 to donate over the phone or click here to donate securely online. 

We really hope you can help. 

Together we can give children the chance to shine! 

*names have been changed to protect the identity of the families we support

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