Hear from Tammy, the biological child of OzChild foster carers, Chrissy & Kane.

Foster Care, News | Posted September 16, 2020
Hear from Tammy, the biological child of OzChild foster carers, Chrissy & Kane.

Most Families Should Become Foster Families.

By Tammy
13 years old

Can you imagine not having a loving home and family to go to? Not being able to sprint to your parents after school and give them a big hug, not being able to read bedtime stories and make up imaginary lands where you live in a world of lollies and chocolate, not being able to play chase in the backyard with your parents. But most of all not knowing where you will sleep that night or why you keep moving from family to family.

Could you help vulnerable children by becoming a foster carer?

The enjoyment the simple things bring to kids, such as building a tower out of blocks, playing mums and dads with dolls, or just kids playing with their friends. Every kid should have the right to do these things.

Sadly, not all families are able to safely look after their children and when there is no one else in the family to care for these kids that’s when foster carers step in, to provide safe and loving homes for these children.

Wondering if you could you care? Well you can!

Being a foster family 100% helps those kids out, it would give them a safe, loving home to stay at while things get sorted out.

Believe it or not babies as small as two-week olds can be put into foster care. Babies that age need to be cared for. And if their parents can’t, or no one else in the family can, then that’s when they get put in foster care, so wouldn’t you want to help out a small baby, giving them the life they deserve?

Did you know that ten thousand kids are in out-of-home care (not living with their parents)? Two thousand of those are in foster care and the remaining are either living with another family member like an aunt or an uncle or they are staying in a residential care facility.

If you become a foster carer when you get a phone call asking if you can take in a child for a bit the moment they step foot into your house they will most likely love you, your children and your pets. Yes, they may be a bit tricky, but you have to think about why they are with you in the first place. They could have had a traumatising childhood and that’s why. But you can help them when they’re upset or angry and play with them if they’re bored or lonely, and give them your full support, love and attention. They need your help!

Think about Christmas time, when you are spending time with your family, opening presents, sharing stories and having a lovely Christmas dinner don’t you just love that? Well not all foster kids get that. Hopefully they get a home to stay at but if they don’t then they have to stay at a residential home for a bit or even have to stay in a hotel room with a staff member!

It doesn’t sound too great at all does it? Wouldn’t you rather spend Christmas with a warm, open, loving family. Could you be that family?

It would make you smile to know that you have just changed this person’s life and to see that they are smiling and having fun at Christmas time!

It would be great if more families or more people became foster carers, it would be amazing for all those kids who need somewhere to go. If more people got involved the happier the community gets!

My family and I are foster carers, we have been foster carers for two years now and yes, sometimes it’s not easy, I have to share a lot of things, like my parents for starters, and our house, and love, but something I’ve learnt about love is that there is plenty to go around.

Some people may say that it’s hard and it is but I can tell you now there are some amazing things that come with foster caring, like changing someone’s life, helping them through obstacles, helping them to overcome fears. All of those things are so important, and it definitely changes someone’s life, and most importantly there isn’t one child who doesn’t deserve a safe, warm, loving home and family.

Imagine the feeling of changing a person’s life, there is no reason why you can’t!

I can’t imagine that by now you are not feeling for these kids?

Does reading this make you think that you could help or be a part of the solution?

It is as simple as picking up the phone or enquiring on the OzChild website.

Imagine if it was you they ran to after school, giving you a hug. Imagine it was you who made them feel safe enough to imagine those lolly and chocolate lands. Imagine it was you who made them feel loved!

In the words of Magic Johnson ‘All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.’

My advice to you? Become a foster carer!

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