Team of Tradies Dig Deep to Say Thanks to OzChild carers

Foster Care, News | Posted May 10, 2022
Team of Tradies Dig Deep to Say Thanks to OzChild carers

On Saturday 7 May, a humble couple who have dedicated their lives to caring for children and young people received a well-deserved Mother’s Day home makeover, thanks to the generosity of local trades organised by long-term supporter of OzChild, David Gibson from O’Brien Electrical Carrum Downs.

For almost 20 years Jan and Dennis Armstrong have cared for local children in times of need, together they raised a sibling group of three and have opened their home to many more children over the years.  

The Armstrong’s home, which has provided a safe place for many children throughout the years was transformed by volunteers who braved the cold, wet and muddy conditions to deliver this selfless couple a home they truly deserve.

The house received a makeover that included major electrical works by the team at O’Brien Electrical Carrum Downs, and another half dozen trades and suppliers contributed to giving the home a full facelift with the replacement of weatherboards, driveway repairs, rubbish removal and a garden makeover. Fresh paint, new gutters, and the installation of water tanks to the front and rear of the house completed things outside before the team installed a new kitchen sink and a bathroom mirror inside.

“The selfless commitment of Jan and Dennis blows me away. Being able to make a difference in their life through a home makeover is our way of saying thanks, for everything they have done, it really is the least we can do,”

says Mr Gibson.

For O’Brien Electrical Carrum Downs, the home makeover initiative is an opportunity to give back to people like Jan and Dennis who have done so much for the community.

“Giving as much as they do without expecting anything in return makes Jan and Dennis very deserving recipients of this year’s makeover. For everything they have done, it really is the least we can do,” says Mr Gibson.

Jan who grew up in care herself always had a desire to provide children and young people a loving, positive environment, and a place to call home. “I will foster until I can foster no longer,” were her exact words as she thanked those involved for their hard work and generosity.

OzChild thanks all those involved in the lead-up to and on the day of the makeover, especially David Gibson who worked tirelessly to ensure the makeover delivered as much as possible for the couple, making the Armstrong’s life a little easier.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who contributed on the day and those who donated products, services, goods and their time to lend a hand.

“Without foster and kinship carers children and young people who cannot live at home really have nowhere to go, we must take care of those who are caring for our most vulnerable,”

says OzChild Chief Executive Officer, Dr Lisa Griffiths.

“But we can’t do it alone, we need people like David Gibson and his team of tradies to care as much as we do, to support carers so they can continue to do what they do best; care for at-risk kids,” adds Dr Griffiths.




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