Our supporters do amazing things for children, young people and families in OzChild’s care – from sponsoring programs like our mentoring and education programs, to donating much-needed everyday items to the children and carers we work with.

If you’re interested in becoming an OzChild supporter, please contact Glynis Smalley on 03 9695 2251 or email

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Jasco Consulting

Jasco Consulting provide networking solutions to Australian industry and government bodies. Not only are they our preferred IT providers, Jasco also participate in many OzChild fundraising events like the OzChild Gala and Fathers Day Bike Ride events. Jasco staff also volunteer as mentors – helping young people to believe in themselves and putting them on a path towards a more positive future.

booran dandenong

Booran Holden Dandenong

Booran Holden Dandenong sell cars amd also provide car servicing and spare parts to ensure customers get the best out of their car.

Booran Holden are long term supporters of OzChild who regularly donate vehicles to be used by OzChild’s foster families, allowing them to travel together and keep the children in their care engaged in extra-curricular activities and attend therapy sessions. Booran staff also support the OzChild Gala, Christmas Wishing Tree Appeal and various fundraising events each year.

“Being able to go out together gives our children a feeling of belonging, to our family as well as to each other.” said Malcolm “My kids all look all after each other. They become part of you – part of our family.”
– Malcolm, foster carer

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Perpetual is one of Australia’s largest independent wealth managers, an expert adviser to high net worth individuals, families and businesses, and a leading provider of corporate trustee services. Through their IMPACT Philanthropy program, Perpetual provided a generous grant for OzChild to employ an Educational Support Worker to improve the outcomes for children and young people living in out-of-home-care.


Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank and Community Sector Banking actively support not profits, young people, community groups and health services. They’ve supported OzChild for many years in many ways, including our vocational learning and mentoring programs which provide education and a better future for young people. Many Bendigo Community Bank(R)  branches around Melbourne also support OzChild’s Christmas Wishing Tree Gift Appeal each year.


The 59 Club Australia

Behind the leather and the shiny motorbikes are big hearts in the 59 Club, a social group for motorbike enthusiasts. The club holds fundraising events throughout the year including the annual Mods vs Rockers event, a day of fun, games, snappy dressers and bikes that raises funds for OzChild. The 59 Club also support OzChild’s Gala.


Windsor  Management Insurance Brokers

Windsor Management Insurance Brokers work closely with individuals and businesses over a wide range of industries to provide general insurance and risk management solutions. Windsor Management Insurance Brokers have a proud tradition of working with community groups and supporting fundraising activities, and OzChild are privileged to have them on board as supporters. As well as being our insurance partner, Windsor Management Insurance Brokers participate in the annual OzChild Gala Ball and the Christmas Wishing Tree Appeal.

“Working with OzChild gives us the opportunity to support vulnerable children and young people so they have a chance to reach their full potential in life. Our involvement with OzChild aligns with our values as a business and supports our purpose to provide security for future generations”.
– Carlo Cortese, Director, Windsor Management Insurance Brokers


Morgans Financial Brighton

Morgans Financial is a national stockbroking and wealth management firm. The Brighton branch raises much needed funds for OzChild services through their annual client function.
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Many of Melbourne’s most iconic high-rise buildings have been built by the Hickory Group, one of Australia’s most innovative companies according to BRW magazine. Hickory staff have been involved in OzChild for many years, holding fundraisers throughout the year, kindly donating gifts to OzChild’s Annual Christmas Wishing Tree Appeal and providing much-needed product and clothing donations to our carers.




Cidec Pty Ltd are an independent and growing Melbourne-based electronics and communications company. They deliver comprehensive electrical projects service to homes, health services, shops and hospitality venues. Cidec Pty Ltd are a proud supporter of OzChild.

Venezualan Assoc Australia

Venezualan Association of Australia

The Venezuelan Association of Australia is a community hub for Venezuelans who have traveled across the globe to live in Australia. They host vibrant, fun-filled events to bring Venezuelans together and to promote their traditions and culture. Proceeds from the Venezuelan Association of Australia’s Rumba fundraiser go towards OzChild services.


MinuteMan Press

You name it, Minuteman can print it. Their excellent service makes Minuteman our preferred printers for marketing and print collateral. Minuteman Press generously supported OzChild for the Father’s Day Bike Ride fundraising event by providing print services free of charge.