Leo’s story

BY Leo| Posted December 4, 2019
Leo’s story

At just eight years old Leo* was well known to police in his small town for high risk behaviours. He had been exposed to significant domestic violence over many years between his parents and had spent long periods of time unsupervised, resulting in his engaging in delinquent activity.

After being referred to the Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) program, Leo* met regularly with an individual therapist, TFCO skills coach and a family therapist who addressed several behaviours with Leo* in session.

Leo* also began to have regular contact with his uncle Craig*, which eventually lead to him living with Craig* on a permanent basis. Craig’s dedication to support Leo* was a key factor in supporting the transition, as he actively worked in partnership with the various services in Leo’s life.

As Leo* progressed through the program, there was significant improvement in his behaviour.  He was calmer and more focused and this also resulted in improved performance at school. 

With two stable environments at home and school, as well as the on-going support of Craig*, Leo* successfully graduated from the TFCO program and his behaviour continued to improve. 

*Names changed to protect identities

Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO)

Treatment Foster Care Oregon is a specialised foster care program that supports children and young people with complex behaviours.

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