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Referral Reward Program Overview

The number of children in out of home care is growing and we need more foster carers in Victoria to provide safe and loving homes. OzChild is taking the challenge on by implementing a referral reward program for new carers. Advertising for new carers alongside other recruitment initiatives can be costly and ineffective. We know that most people hear about foster care through a friend or someone they know. It can sometimes be casual conversations with friends and family that can build awareness of our foster care programs and attract potentially interested carers.

We want to encourage and support this “word of mouth” recruitment approach as much as possible with a reward for people referring others to become accredited foster carers or Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) carers. To support our “word of mouth” referrals, OzChild is offering an $1000 Coles Group & Myer Gift Card to the referrer of the new full time foster carer or TFCO carer. These full-time carers must be accredited and have a child placed with them for at least 6 weeks before the referral reward is provided. This currently does not include respite and emergency foster care.

This guideline is designed to provide information and guidance to OzChild staff, carers and volunteers alongside the broader community. The intention of this incentive rewards program is to attract new carers to OzChild, not to realign existing carers from one OzChild service delivery into another (i.e. from our foster care pool into TFCO or visa versa)

Terms & conditions of the payment

  • A successful referral is when a new carer has been screened, trained, assessed and accredited as a full time foster carer or TFCO carer, and has a child placed with them from the foster care or TFCO program.
  • The carer must be accredited and have a placement for 6 weeks before the referral reward is provided to the referrer
  • The reward is currently not provided to the referrer if the carer does respite or emergency care only
  • The carer must be new to OzChild and not be a previous or current OzChild carer
  • The referrer must be noted at the point of enquiry on the referral form available online or through the team. This must be done before they become an accredited full time carer.
  • In the event that a referral is submitted twice from different referees, then the first referral will be eligible for the reward.
  • Referral rewards will be provided as $1000 Coles Group & Myer Gift Cards
  • Referral rewards are only valid for new enquiries after the commencement of the reward program (01/05/2018).
  • This program may be terminated at OzChild’s discretion. Successful referrals before the termination date of this reward program will still be awarded.
  • For further information please email or The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change at any time.

How to refer someone interested in becoming a foster carer
To support carers and OzChild supporters in promoting our foster care and TFCO programs, a number of resources are available. These include brochures and information packs that may be obtained by contacting OzChild.

General Foster Care
P: 1800 954 550

TFCO Victoria
P: 03 9212 3947

TFCO Queensland
P: 1800 870 070

TFCO New South Wales
P: 1800 982 115

Last update 08/10/2018