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Recognised for commitment


7 June 2018

Opening her heart and her home to children in need, and a can-do attitude has seen kinship carer Amanda Cormick take out the J C Butler Award for 2018.

The JC Butler Award recognises the commitment, sacrifice and hard work that kinship carers give to ensure vulnerable children feel safe, loved and protected in their time of need.

OzChild Case Manager Ilona Costaras said Amanda was amazing and a commendable winner of the 2018 JC Butler Award.

“Amanda is incredibly humble and never complains. She feels everyone would do what she is doing and does not appear to think it is a big deal,” Ilona said.

“When Amanda’s sister’s children needed her help, she did not hesitate. She has also worked very hard at maintaining a good relationship with her sister for the benefits of the children.”

Amanda has three children of her own and when her sisters two young children needed a safe place to stay she took them in without hesitation. Fast forward a few years and her oldest daughter’s best friend’s family situation was such that she and her three siblings needed to find a safe place to live; again, Amanda did not hesitate to offer these four children a safe home.

Ilona said Amanda was committed to the ongoing care of the children.

“Most women her age – Amanda is only 34 years old – are pursuing careers and enjoying following hobbies and activities that bring them personal fulfilment,” Ilona said.

“Amanda doesn’t have much time to pursue such interests and does not dwell on this at all.

“She is totally committed to the ongoing care of all nine children and having them stay with her until they are adults.”

Having nine children under the one roof can be trying at times, juggling all their activities, appointments and the occasional squabble that children always have.

“Amanda is incredibly dependable and punctual. She attends every school meeting, ensures the children attend every medical and dental, drives the kids to contact visits with parents and siblings,” Ilona said.

“She never complains, no matter how tough things get at times.

“Amanda treats all the children with the same amount of love, compassion and discipline. They all know they are loved and that bad behaviour will be dealt with in a predictable fair and consistent manner.”

“She is a worthy winner of this year’s J C Butler Award.”

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