OzChild’s TFCO-A program receives certification

Foster Care, News | Posted February 2, 2022
OzChild’s TFCO-A program receives certification

We are so proud of our Treatment Foster Care Oregon – Adolescent (TFCO-A) team in New South Wales!

Not only are they achieving life-changing outcomes for young people in the program, but they also recently received certification from Treatment Foster Care Consultants Inc in Eugene Oregon.

This is the first TFCO-A Team to be certified in Australia!

This is HUGE news and a testament to the absolute dedication and commitment of the entire team in Blacktown who work with young people aged 12-17 years old who have been living in or are at risk of entering residential care or alternative care arrangements.

The Certification process assesses a program’s ability to implement the model as recommended and maintain adherence to the model over time, confirming that OzChild’s Treatment Foster Care Oregon – Adolescent program meets model fidelity standards and produces treatment outcomes that are like those of the model program as measured in the scientific evaluations that have been conducted of the model.

Executive Director Services & Practice at OzChild, Michelle Van Doorn said “In just three short years the team in Blacktown have achieved life-changing outcomes for young people. Supporting those aged 12-17 years who have experienced significant trauma backgrounds and who have often experienced many previous moves and placement disruptions is no easy feat.  This would not be possible without our incredible staff alongside a team of treatment foster carers all working on the same goals alongside the young person.”

“I am excited for what 2022 will bring for TFCO-A through the teams continuing work and am incredibly proud of the difference they are making for young people in New South Wales.”

Treatment Foster Care Oregon is ‘breaking the cycle’ for children and young people who have previously bounced around the child protection system. The long-term cost savings of a program like TFCO are convincing when compared to youth justice, out-of-home care, residential care, alternative care arrangements and a lifetime of disadvantage.

A big congratulations to our TFCO-A team in Blacktown, we are so proud of the work you do, each and every day!

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