OzChild Marriage Equality Statement - OzChild

OzChild Marriage Equality Statement


Monday September 11, 2017

For more than 165 years OzChild has celebrated and championed diversity and equality within the communities we serve.

Put simply, we honour, support and recognise all the incredible families that we work with to positively shape the lives of the children and young people in our care.

Every day we believe in, respect and stand up for the rights of all children, young people and families irrespective of sexual orientation, gender, age, cultural background or economic circumstance.

Every day we support vulnerable children and young people by providing healing, preventing abuse and neglect and strengthening families.

Every day, foremost in our hearts, minds and actions is safety, respect and stability for children and young people. We believe that supporting loving and robust families no matter how they are formed is fundamental in achieving lasting positive change.

Married or not married, single or coupled, we believe that all families should have the choice to mark and celebrate their love and commitment to one another equally regardless of their sexual orientation.

We know that children are aware from a young age that love is at the core of what makes a family. We believe that marriage equality is important to ensure that one committed relationship is not perceived as lesser to another, and that all couples be allowed full and equal legal status. This equality is vital to the safety, wellbeing, sense of identity and future outcomes for children and young people.

Marriage equality offers stronger protection to all, as many more families will be strengthened and recognised. OzChild supports marriage equality because we believe it is in the best interests of all children and young people, the children and young people in our care and the community in which they, and we live.


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