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Foster care


Foster carers provide a safe, stable and nurturing environment for children who are unable to live with their own families.

Foster care is often used to provide temporary care while parents get help sorting out problems or to help children or young people through a difficult period in their lives.

Children in foster care range in age from young babies through to adolescents and we need a range of carers to ensure we can match the right type of carer to a child in need.

Ideally children will return home once the problems that caused them to come into foster care have been resolved and it is clear that their parents are able to look after them safely. Others may stay in care for the long-term.

OzChild has been caring for children in crisis since 1851 and we are the largest provider of foster care in the Southern Metropolitan region.

We work to assess and accredit foster carers, place children within their care and provide them with ongoing support. Many of the children in our care are referred to us by the Department of Human Services when it is found that a child cannot or should not live with a natural parent. OzChild works with a range of government departments and foster care families to ensure the best interests of the child is met. Our goal is to always find the best and most positive outcome for children and young people within our care, including long term foster care or the return of a child to their family.

“We do it because we love it. Even when it’s difficult, it’s still good.” – OzChild Foster Carers, George and Kim