Types of Care for Children with Disabilities - OzChild


There are many different types of care for children with disabilities, including short term respite care and long term foster care. You can help OzChild by becoming a carer for children and young people.

Long Term Foster Care
Long term disability foster care is similar to our general foster care program, however some children and young people enter this program on a voluntary basis. Children and young people with disabilities may enter long term foster care through the child protection system or if they can no longer be cared for at home.

Respite Care
Respite care offers a much needed break and support to families caring for a child or young person with a disability. Our program provides a minimum of two nights respite care each month in your home. This time away gives parents a chance to recharge and offers a wonderful opportunity for a child with a disability to have experiences outside their family.

OzChild also assists families with alternative care options for children with a disability who can no longer be cared for at home by their birth family.

Find out more about OzChild’s disability services here or enquire about attending a foster care information session.