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Recreation and Social Programs


OzChild runs a variety of recreation and social programs designed to enrich the lives of children and young people with disabilities.

Our range of recreational activities are for children and young people aged 6-25 years. Activities are designed for clients to make friendships and have fun.

We are currently running a number of recreation activities, including:

  • Activities every Saturday throughout school terms for 6-18 year olds. We pick up clients from three locations for these activities, including Mornington, Frankston and Dandenong.
  • School holiday activities every day throughout school holiday periods for 6-18 years olds. We pick up clients from four locations for our school holiday activities, including Mornington, Frankston, Dandenong and Cranbourne.
  • Social Groups that meet on a fortnightly basis in the Cranbourne area. These social groups include:
    • Saturday Social Group (18-25 years).
    • Saturday Kids Group (6-12 years).
    • Friday Night Group (18-25 years).
    • Peninsula Movie Group (18-25 years).
  • Social Groups that meet on a monthly basis in the Mornington Peninsula area. These social groups include:
    • Asperger’s Social Group (18-25 years & a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism).
    • Young Adults Social Group (18-25 years).
  • Special Interest Groups such as Karate Classes. We run 2 karate classes every week on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. The Tuesday evening group is for clients aged 6-12 years, and the Thursday evening group is for clients aged 13-18 years.

Activities on our school holiday program, and social groups are largely chosen by our client group & are inclusive and age appropriate. For example, some popular activities include, Cinema, Swimming and Ten Pin Bowling for our younger groups and activities such as Go-Karting and Trips to the City for the young adults.


OzChild’s Flexible Respite programs offer clients a range of funded and fee based programs including:

  • Saturday Recreation Activities.
  • School Holiday Programs.
  • Camps for 6-25 year olds with a disability.
  • Koori Camps.
  • Community Access & 1:1 support within the home for people with a disability.
  • Social Groups for children and young adults with a disability, these include Karate, Barefoot bowls and much more.

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