‘One of a Kind’ Children’s Story Book

Foster Care, News | Posted December 5, 2022
‘One of a Kind’ Children’s Story Book

Darcy and Oliver discovering their way 

One of a Kind: Darcy and Oliver discovering their way, is a book designed to be read with children living in foster and kinship care who have a parent with a mental health condition, including children who have experienced trauma through family violence. 

This inspiring story was written to support conversations with children about parental mental health conditions encouraging them to talk and ask questions. 

The creation of this book is a collaborative initiative between Alfred Health and Monash Health and OzChild with support from the Victorian Government, Department of Health.  

Alfred Health and Monash Health identified a gap in the market for material that supports children with a parent facing mental health conditions, which encouraged them to take the initiative to bring this book to life.  

The vision of this story is to provide guidance and space for conversations to occur between carers and children about understanding parental mental health.  

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