Meet Tim

Do you have the time, energy and love little Timmy needs?


10 years old



Favourite activity

Drawing, playing basketball

Favourite food

Almost everything!

Tim* is a 10-year-old proud Aboriginal boy from Gamilaroi country. Unlike many kids his age, Tim prefers to be outside playing rather than being inside on and iPad.

“SpongeBob SquarePants is my favourite TV show, but when it comes to music Kid Laroi is what I listen to because we are from the same mob.”

When he is not outside, Tim likes to unwind with a Harry Potter book or spend time drawing and colouring in. There are a couple of things Tim doesn’t like including cleaning his room, or loud talking in restaurants.

“Timmy is a very affectionate little fella, he has such a big heart and cares deeply about others. Recently he organised to hold a lemonade stand with his friends to raise money for people experiencing homelessness,” says Tim’s current carer.

Sadly, Tim can’t stay with his current carers, so we are looking for his forever home.

While Tim is very chatty and often can talk non-stop, he also has some really big feelings that he has trouble expressing. He uses a feelings chart to help name his emotions and sometimes he might yell so sometimes he needs a reminder to use his inside voice.

“I love riding my skateboard and bike and playing basketball. And I love animals, especially dogs, I like walking and playing with dogs”

Tim would thrive in a household with carers who are able to encourage and support his extracurricular activities and ensure his connection to his Aboriginal culture remains. This means facilitating participation in Aboriginal community events and talking with him about his Aboriginal background, helping him to learn and celebrate who he is and where he comes from.

Tim would like to live with carers who will listen to him, value his views and wishes and genuinely care for and love him.  In return Tim has an abundance of love to give, this cuddly cutie longs for a family he can truly feel he belongs to, even when he might test the boundaries or be demanding of your attention.

Tim loves going to school, and during the holidays he attends the school holiday program, which he enjoys because he can spend time with his friends.

He has a sister who he sees regularly, and he would like to continue to visit his family in NSW as frequently as possible.

Tim has moved around a bit since being removed from the care of his parents, he wants a long-term stable home more than anything and hopes to be able to stay with the one carer until he turns 18 as he has no family members who are able to care for him.

You will be supported every step of the way with Tim, regular opportunities to take a break, 24/7 support and help with school drop off, pickup and training to ensure you are equipped physically and mentally to give Tim the care he deserves.

*Image and name have been changed to protect the child’s and family’s identity.


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