Meet TFCO Carers,

Siobhan and Ted

This week is Foster and Kinship Carer Week Qld, so we thought we would introduce you to some of our amazing foster carers from our Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) team.

Meet Siobhan and Ted.

How long have you been a carer?

We have been carers for nearly 13 years. We have been TFCO carers since February 2022, but prior to that have been kinship carers.

How did your journey as a carer begin?

We were asked to consider becoming kinship carers for family members whose children had been removed from their care.

Tell us about your support network?

We’ve had great family support from both our parents/grandparents, our siblings, their families and also our own children.

We’ve also had a couple of great Child Service Officers over the years as well, who gave us a lot of support and advice.

What’s the best thing about being a carer?

Knowing that you’re making a difference in their lives. Looking back and seeing what “could have been” if they weren’t in your care and then seeing them do well in the paths they choose to take.

During your time as a carer, what support systems have helped you the most?

Our family and extended family support were the greatest help.

Most recently we have joined this new program TFCO, and the support system they have for both their carers and the kids in the program has been amazing.

What are your strengths as a carer?

I think our strength is that we care. Our focus is always on the kids and making sure that they have every opportunity to be whoever they want to be!

And your weaknesses?

I think our strength can also be our weakness – that we care. Sometimes too much but at the end of the day if we can help one child break the cycle and stay out of the system, then we are happy.

What support systems would you like to see available to carers (or increased)?

More accessible information on what services are available to carers. It would also be great to have a space where you can regularly get together with other carers and hear how they’re going, what’s working or not working for them etc. Lastly more financial support.

Do you have any advice for people considering foster care?

Do it! If you are in it for the right reasons then the rewards far outweigh any of the challenges.

OzChild is always looking for foster carers for the TFCO program and respite carers to ensure full-time carers get the chance to recharge by taking a break.

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