Meet TFCO Carer, Julie

Meet Treatment Foster Care Oregon Carer, Julie

From respite carer to full time carer in less than six months!

Julie started out as a respite carer within our Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) program five months ago, and has been caring full time for a child in the program for the last month.

While Julie is no stranger to being a carer, it has been a while having taken some time off to raise her own family.

“I fostered babies 20 odd years ago and loved it. I always wanted to go back to fostering when the time was right.”

Julie is grateful to have the support of her 18 year old daughter, very good friends and of course OzChild,

“My daughter and friends have been great with emotional support and OzChild has been great with practicalities and education to help follow their successful program.”

Julie says letting go of the small stuff that would normally bother her and focussing on the bigger picture is probably the most challenging aspect of being a carer but the rewards far out way the challenging days. 

“Oh, the hugs, are the best, and the I love you’s, smiles and seeing a child change from scared, angry and sad to confident, happy and resilient. Knowing that you have helped change their future for the better, well that is the best reward of all.”

Julie believes her calm nurturing personality helps her in her caring role and having worked with children as a nanny for many years means she has a lot of patience and “a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Having been a respite carer herself Julie knows the benefits in asking for help, “I sometimes need to remind myself to seek support when needed and not try and do everything myself. I have had to relax my tidiness standards a bit too.” 

Thirsty for knowledge and with a desire to understand the behaviours of children Julie acknowledges there is always more you can learn.

“I would love more training as you can never know too much and more opportunities to interact with other carers and share their experiences and knowledge.”

And Julie’s advice for anyone thinking about becoming a foster carer?

“Foster care is hugely rewarding for the whole family. It does take a team so good supports are important. You also need to have time to give and be flexible with your parenting style and open to learning.”

OzChild is always looking for foster carers for the TFCO program and respite carers to ensure full-time carers get the chance to recharge by taking a break.

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