Meet TFCO Carer, Daniel

Meet Treatment Foster Care Oregon Carer, Daniel

Hi, my name is Daniel. I have been a foster carer with OzChild in the Treatment Foster Care Oregon program for approximately two years.

I found out about OzChild when I saw an ad online, after that I attended an information night and the rest is, as they say, history!

I am lucky to have a really great support network that consists of family, friends, and good neighbours, having these people around me, supporting me in my role as a TFCO carer really makes a big difference.

Being a TFCO foster carer doesn’t come without some challenges, like all things. I think the biggest challenge would be remembering to look beyond bad behaviours and focus on the bigger picture when a child is having a big tantrum.

And the best thing, without a doubt, is seeing the behaviours decrease and seeing the child become happier and settled with a loving family routine.

OzChild have been fantastic with support and someone is always on call 24/7. I have phoned the team on several occasions when stressed and nothing has been too much, they really helped, every time.

Being a carer in the TFCO program isn’t for the faint hearted, Daniel says his biggest strength as a carer is his patience and his ability to remain calm and of course his genuine care and love for the kids.

And his weaknesses?

My only weakness as a carer is that I am a single dad, so I don’t get the breaks a couple would as they can tag team. That is why respite for carers is important and can always be improved.

Daniel has some sound advice for those considering taking the leap into foster care…

My advice for people wanting to become a foster carer is, if you’re not 100 per cent sure, why not start by becoming a respite carer so you can learn hands on, I guarantee the difference you make just by giving one weekend a month of your time or supporting another carer when they need some time out will help cement your thoughts on becoming a carer, it truly is a rewarding role.

OzChild is always looking for foster carers for the TFCO program and respite carers to ensure full-time carers get the chance to recharge by taking a break.

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