Meet Shelley and Sammi

Could you be the person Shelley and Sammi have been looking for?


13 and 8 years old



Favourite activity

Making TikToks

Favourite food

Pizza and chicken nuggets

Sammi adores her older sister Shelley, and Shelley likes protecting Sammi; she wants to make sure she is safe and being looked after, which is why it is important the girls can find a home where they can remain living together.

Shelley* is a 13-year-old girl who loves to make Tik Toks and play Roblox. She normally listens to The Wiggles because that’s her sister Sammi’s* favorite!

Sammi is just seven years old, and like most other girls her age she loves to sing, and dance and play in the park.

These gorgeous giggly girls would thrive with a carer(s) who will listen and engage in activities with them, someone who shows genuine interest in their passions and has a willingness to build and support them in maintaining routines and setting boundaries.

“Sammi loves everything about The Wiggles and enjoys eating apples and chicken nuggets (not together though!), and Shelley loves Margarita pizza (so long as there are no pieces of tomato on top), two-minute noodles and fish and prawns.”

Right now, Sammi is learning to count to 100 and Shelley enjoys playing on her iPad and making videos. She would benefit from a carer who is able to monitor her use of online platforms and help her to use and interact with them safely.

In addition, Shelley and Sammi are desperate to begin after-school activities such as swimming and would love to be able to spend time with their older sister who is keen to care for the girls on weekends so they can develop a stronger bond.

Currently the girls see their mum once a week. This is facilitated by Child Protection who will arrange pickup and drop offs and supervise these visits.

Shelley is attending school part-time at the moment, so requires a carer who can help her with a return to school full-time.

Both girls have experienced a rough start in life, and therefore a calm environment where there is a gentle approach to managing conflict, with no shouting or screaming is preferred, as this can be quite upsetting for them.

*Image and names have been changed to protect the identities of the children and families.


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