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I am 12 years old and in Grade 6 at school. I am incredibly thoughtful, affectionate and eager to please. I love hands-on tasks, especially if it is helpful and purposeful and done in collaboration with a grown up. For example, fixing cars or any household DIY. I enjoy sport, especially soccer and touch footy. I also love to cook!

At school, I am on an Individual Curriculum Plan and require support in the classroom. I thrive when I have strong, caring relationships with my teacher and the support staff. I try hard with the other kids, but sometimes have difficulty reading social cues. I have been making excellent progress in my academic work over the last two years.

“I love Star Wars, touch-footy, soccer, playing with animals, cooking,and playing on my iPad. I would love to live somewhere I feel safe and included.”

I am very friendly and talkative but can become over stimulated in loud places with lots of people. I have perfect manners and love spending time with adults who care about me and include me in their interests.

I have contact with my family once a month. I have been diagnosed with FASD and ADHD and I am also prone to feeling anxious as a result of complex trauma.

I would thrive in a household that is calm and structured but flexible in adapting to my needs. I am a pro at my daily routines and personal care. I respond best to adults who are patient, calm and positive. I sometimes need reassurance that you are not angry with me and that you care about me because I have trouble reading people’s faces. I am great with animals and younger kids or much older teenagers.

*Image and name have been changed to protect the child’s and family’s identity.

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