Meet Foster Carers Angela & Jason

Meet Foster Carers Angela & Jason

Having always wanted to get involved in making a difference in their community and seeing the need for foster carers, Angela and Jason decided to take the leap attending an OzChild foster care information session to see what was involved.

“We looked around and investigated different agencies and went to an information session with OzChild and we knew we found the right agency for us,” remembers Angela.

It’s been just nine months since the couple were authorised as carers and already there is no doubt in their mind they made the right decision.

“We have done two respite care placements and have a long term now and all four children were wonderful. They have brought us so much joy and knowing we have brought a little happiness to their lives even for a short time is so rewarding,” says Angela.

With the rewards also come some challenges, and for Angela saying goodbye is one of the hardest things when it comes to her role as a carer, but the couple agree having the support from the OzChild team in Yarraville in Melbourne’s western suburbs has helped them enormously.

“The support from OzChild is outstanding knowing we always have someone that knows what we are going through and keeps us updated they whole way through, that has made our journey so far a whole lot easier.”

This loving couple are currently caring for an eight-month-old baby boy who has been with them since he was just eight weeks old.

Both Jason and Angela have developed a very strong bond with their foster child, creating a loving and nurturing environment for him. In just six months they have seen this beautiful baby boy develop and grow learning so much in the short time they have been caring for him.

“The first few weeks were scary but exciting. We gave ourselves plenty of time together to get to know each other and form a routine and I found this to be the best start for any placement especially if the child has been in other placements before and need to build new attachments.”

Angela and Jason would love nothing more than for all young Australians to have their rights recognised and have a safe, solid and consistent foundation to grow, that’s why they offer this advice to anyone thinking about becoming a foster carer, “being a foster carer is about THE CHILD and supporting their circumstances and offering them the best opportunities to thrive. It can be the most rewarding thing you can do with some trials along the way.”

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