Meet Kith Carer Kaitlyn

One year ago, Kaitlyn and her partner made a decision that would change their life forever.

Ben* who is nearly 12 years old came to live with Kaitlyn, 22 when he could no longer live at home with his parents.

“We were the first long-term placement Ben had, and he actually asked to live with us. Being able to help a child with such a simple thing as caring, that is what I love most about being a carer,” says Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn says that while the first few weeks were challenging, they were worth it.

“I am just 22 and my partner 23 so it was a big change to our normal lifestyle as well as to our family. As all children do, they push boundaries, and Ben certainly did that, but I think it was all about reassurance and testing the line on whether he was staying with us.

“He has come such a long way and is a completely different child now. We are so proud of him and how much he has worked,” smiles Kaitlyn.

While Ben has now settled into life with Kaitlyn and her partner, the trio still face challenges which Kaitlyn says have made her become more patient and understanding.

“Bringing a child into your world who has seen his world change dramatically can be an emotional rollercoaster. Having to change the way we see things and learn to become so patient has certainly challenged me, but at the same time it is also the best thing about being a carer. Ben is not the only one who has changed.”

During their spare time this little family enjoy spending time together, whether they are playing soccer, listening to music or doing some arts and crafts just being together is what they love best.

Kaitlyn’s advice for other young people who might be considering becoming a kinship or foster carer is to just do it!

“It is tough, and while it may not be forever, if you have the time and the heart, taking a child, for any amount of time, and giving them a home and the care they need could make such an impact in their life. And it will change your life too!”

*Name changed to protect identity

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