Meet Foster Carers Abbie & Matt

Meet OzChild Foster Carers Abbie & Matthew

After seeing children in residential care, Abbie and Matthew felt like there had to be a better option for them so they jumped onto the internet to research foster care.

For the past two and a half years the couple have been caring for 11 year old Bailey*.

“We have a pretty solid relationship with Bailey now, he has become a member of both our immediate and extended family as if he has always been here.

“I remember when he first came to live with us, I was thinking how scared and worried he would have been coming to live with strangers, then this talkative little person arrived!” says Abbie.

“We love spending our spare time together playing video games, watching movies and going for bike rides or walking the dogs, knowing we are making a difference in his life makes these moments special,” says Matthew.

Like other carers, saying goodbye to kids is a challenge for this couple, no matter how short their stay with them has been. But by far hearing about the difficult situation’s children have come from is the most heartbreaking part of being a carer, but it is also a reminder of the very real need for other people to become foster carers too.

Abbie and Matthew agree, foster care has changed their lives, and for those thinking about taking the leap they have this advice, “it is hard work and the progress can be slow. Sometimes it feels like you are taking five steps forward four steps back.

“There will be periods of time where the lows outnumber the highs. But if you are willing to push past them, endure the tantrums and anger that can be sent in your direction it is without a doubt worth it.”

*Name has been changed to protect identity

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