Meet Charlotte

Charlotte is ready to make the move to her new home


8 years old



Favourite activity

Playing on my scooter

Favourite food

Lots of different foods!

Charlotte* is a sweet and inquisitive 8-year-old girl who loves animals and can tie her own shoelaces.

Charlotte is currently in need of a foster carer who has the time to help her with her routine, someone who won’t get mad if she forgets to go to the toilet before bed but rather reminds her about things like this.

Charlotte is learning how to brush her teeth by herself because it’s not something she has been taught before, and she needs help to wash and do her hair, so a carer who is patient and able to teach her new things is exactly what Charlotte needs right now.

Having experienced many changes in her short life Charlotte thrives on predictable routines and clear instructions, not knowing when changes are coming makes her feel anxious and scared.

“I love playing with toy cars and riding my scooter, and my favourite TV show is Bluey. I also like to read books and eat lots of yummy foods. I would like to live with someone who likes to go for walks and wants to play with me”

She likes to be given choices – but not too many as that can be overwhelming and lots of instructions or information all at once can be too much for Charlotte, she understands best when instructions are given to her one at a time.

Sometimes Charlotte makes mistakes, which is normal for all of us, when this happens, she likes to be reminded that she is cared about, and that people make mistakes. And like other curious kids, Charlotte likes to know what is happening.

Charlotte sees her mum regularly, at the moment three times a week, and she loves going to school. She needs lots of sleep and has a special clock that tells her when it’s time to get up.

 “I want to stay at my same school, I do lots of fun things there and I love my teachers and friends.” 

Charlotte responds well to incentives, routines and visual aids, and consistency is key when it comes to her knowing what is going on. A carer who can drop her off and pick her up from school would be best as she does not respond well to new and different people in her life. 


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