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I am 9 years old and am in Grade 3 at school. I have an amazing imagination; I love a good chat about all my imaginary games. I also enjoy swimming, playing at the park and Minecraft.

At school, I am good at reading, solving problems and maths calculations. I am making friends and learning to get the most out of my lessons. 

I am very friendly and outgoing with adults and one on one time with them is very important to me. I have a strong desire to connect with others and am very compassionate when I feel safe. 

“I love Minecraft, swimming and playing at the park. I thrive best when I feel safe in the home”

Sometimes, I can become anxious around other children and school can be difficult for me. I have missed a lot of school over the years. But I have made huge progress at school in the last year and now that I am attending full time, I am happy and able to learn. 

I see my mum once a fortnight and I talk to her on the phone once a week. I have ADHD (combined type) as well as a neurodevelopmental disorder and complex trauma. I am better suited to a home with teenagers or no other children. It is best if there are no small pets in the house. I can thrive in a safe, structured, permanent home.

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