Meet Bailey

Are you ready to step up and give Bailey the chance he desperately needs?


9 years old



Favourite activity

Playing basketball

Favourite food


Bailey* is bright as a button, usually waking up between 7am and 7.30am each day to get to school and doesn’t need much help to get out of bed and get going for the day.

“Bailey loves going to school, he packs his own bag and gets his lunch ready without much prompting and dresses himself and prepares his own breakfast, sometimes with a little help,” says his current carer.

Recently Bailey joined the breakfast club at school so most days he grabs a glass of milk before heading out the door to eat brekky with his mates.

Nine-year old Bailey would benefit from being in a household where there are two adults who can share the load. He requires constant supervision and attention due to some complex health and behavioural needs.

“Bailey benefits from routine, familiarity, consistency, and visual cues. A carer who has time to accompany him to extracurricular activities and someone who can provide reassurance, affection, consistency, and predictability would be his perfect match”

OzChild Carer Support & Intake Team Leader

Bailey would thrive with a carer who is nurturing, warm and gentle in their approach within a household with no other children or where there are older children who are also patient and kind and could help support Bailey.

Aside from attending school and activities outside school hours Bailey has a support worker who he sees twice a week, he enjoys spending time with this person going to the mark, movies and to the swimming pool together, sometimes he can spend up to six hours a week with this person which would give his new carers some time on their own.

Most of the time Bailey is able to maintain an appropriate level of self-care, but like many kids needs a little reminding from time to time to brush his teeth or have a shower. At times he does get frustrated when he feels misunderstood, but he is working on ways to better express himself and would love to have the chance to grow and learn with a carer who is willing to commit to supporting his needs.

*Image and name have been changed to protect the child’s and family’s identity.


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