Kinship Carers Week 2022

News | Posted August 24, 2022
Kinship Carers Week 2022

Every day is a day to be thankful for all our carers. Still, a week dedicated to them gives us the unique opportunity to truly acknowledge and celebrate their incredible contribution to our society. 

Kinship Carers Week is celebrated from 5-9 September and reminds us of the very special role family and close friends play in raising children and young people. 

Kinship carers are vital in keeping kids connected to family, to friends, and to familiarity. Every day they go above and beyond to provide stability and support to children and young people during a time of upheaval, helping them to stay connected to their communities and maintain important family ties. 

All children and young people deserve to live with their own families, and kinship carers make that a possibility. When they open their homes and hearts to a child, they are preventing that child from being placed into foster or residential care. The opportunity to live with your own relatives gives a child a sense of belonging, helps them feel safer, and gives them hope, the connection they feel by remaining with family or close friends is so important to a child’s wellbeing. 

This week, and every week, we thank you for being a supportive force in the lives of children and young people and helping keep families together.  

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