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Jane needs a home


28 May 2018

My name is Jane*, I’m 11-years-old and have had a challenging start to my life so far, but maybe you can help me change the next part of my life story – you see, I need a permanent home.

I entered foster care aged four and have lived in more than 20 homes.  All that movement and change has brought out the more challenging side of my personality at times – it’s hard to feel loved when you are always on the move.

In many ways l am like any other 11-year-old, l love cooking, basketball, school and arts and crafts but that’s where the similarities often end.

I’ve not had the chance to experience ongoing safety and security, and develop a stable connection to a single care giver or family. I hope one day I can experience unconditional love to help me grow and flourish as most other 11-year-old girls.

How can you help?

That is where you come in. I am currently in the OzChild TFCO program, which includes intensive work to help me understand and manage my behaviour, self-care, communication and emotional regulation.  It’s a nine-month specialist program and my support team and TFCO carer say I’ve made excellent progress. The future is looking brighter.

I graduate from the TFCO program shortly and need an open hearted and nurturing carer to provide me a long-term family home in which I can continue to grow and develop.

Support staff will be on hand to help transition me from TFCO to my new family, plus they will train you in the strategies and styles of behaviour management that l respond really well to, all with the support of a TFCO Family Therapist.

I attend a special school to assist with my mild intellectual disability and am making great academic leaps and bounds; and thanks to TFCO, I’ve been working hard on my social skills to help me make friends.

Ultimately, l want love, care, and support, and to feel part of a family that loves me for who l am. Someone who can appreciate the joy l can bring to their life. Someone with experience looking after or working with children with complex behaviours so they can support me to overcome the challenges that are often associated with my tough start to life.

Contact us

If you have room for an outgoing, bubbly young 11-year-old to join your family long term, we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact Virginia Papadopoulos on 9212 3947 or tfco@ozchild.org.au.

*real name has been removed to protect ‘Jane’s’ identity with the article written based on her real situation.


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