International Women’s Day 2023

News | Posted March 3, 2023
International Women’s Day 2023


Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

That is what this year’s International Women’s Day theme is encouraging all of us to do while embracing equity.

At OzChild forging women’s equality is important to everyone. Celebrating women’s achievements and embracing a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion to ensure women’s careers can thrive is something we strive to do every day.

86 per cent of people at OzChild identify as female, and 22 per cent of all female staff are in leadership roles. We are focused on inspiring women to achieve their full potential.

OzChild CEO Dr Lisa J. Griffiths

“We are extremely fortunate, as a sector to be surrounded by and to work alongside so many strong and inspiring role models, determined to build inclusive cultures within the family unit, in the workplace and our communities, advocating and standing up for women’s equality. We can all embrace equity by continuing the conversation beyond International Women’s Day, celebrate our differences and act to bridge the gender divide by calling out inequality.”

Dr Lisa J. Griffiths, OzChild Chief Executive Officer

Helen Maxwell-Wright AM OzChild President

I believe it is really important to recognise the strides and contributions of women in the workplace and in society… Some strides are big and audacious, and some may appear small in the eyes of the beholder but may be huge in the life of the woman who has made them. To acknowledge these strides is one way we can support each other and our journey. A phone call, a card, a bunch of flowers may bring a world of joy to the recipient and encourage further growth and wider contribution.  And both recipient and giver hopefully feel warm and joyful.

OzChild's Executive Director Finance & Infrastructure, Mark Powell

“The over representation of males in leadership roles within government, society, and commerce is palpable. As a male, I am very proud to work for an organisation led by strong empowered women from the Board, CEO, and Executive levels. Society has a long way to go, but I can confidently say OzChild has equality at is heart and looks to influence others to do the same.”

Mark Powell, Executive Director Finance & Infrastructure

Rachel Ratnasingham Senior Manager Planning & Performance

We’ve come such a long way in re-organising our thinking around what ‘a woman’s role’ is. I’m inspired and driven by so many women in my life who contribute to society in such vastly different ways; a privilege I enjoy because of the brave actions women (and their allies) before me, have taken to get us here. I’m no longer afraid of being ambitious and losing myself in the process. The sky is no longer the limit.

Richard Bishop, Child & Family Services Manager OzChild NSW

“As we all know, over time women have made remarkable strides in all work activities and are an invaluable part of any successful team. If women are and feel empowered, they can generate great outcomes with their distinguishable female voices, intelligence, balanced approach, and supportive attitudes. In my experience as a son, brother, father, partner, and as a leader, I can say that women can be creative, strong, nurturing, and compassionate. A work environment without women would be so different, it would miss the spark and richness that women bring to all environments.”

Richard Bishop, Child & Family Services Manager, New South Wales

Dale Rogers Director In-Home Care Victoria

I will forge positive visibility of women by acknowledging the achievements of women. Whether it’s in sports, business, politics, family or any other domain. I will recognize the contributions of women and give them the credit they deserve.

Jonathan Finch, Director Prevention & Strengthening Families, Victoria

“Championing women in my life means I proactively listen to their perspectives and experiences, advocating for their rights and interests, and being mindful of my own biases and behaviours that may contribute to gender inequality. It also means actively working to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women, whether that be at home, in the workplace, or in the broader community.”

Jonathan Finch, Director Prevention & Strengthening Families, Victoria

Martin Murley Philanthropic & Corporate Partnerships Manager

I’m privileged to be surrounded and supported by the women in my life: wife, daughters, mother-in-law, sister, sisters-in-law, friends, manager and colleagues. They are equity, ability, humility, and impact personified.

Sam Foote, Manager, Business Support

“I’ve been around long enough to see some really positive movement in Australia of the attitudes towards women in the workplace and society, but we obviously still have a long way to go. I am constantly inspired by my women mentors who have had to endure and overcome bias and discrimination to even get to a starting point of equity in the workplace, and have managed to achieve great things in their lives and careers.”

Sam Foote, Manager, Business Support

Bianca Richards Senior Manager Marketing & Engagement

Each year I proudly see opinion pieces and events grow and flourish surrounding International Women’s Day. I love this! They are important messages and initiatives. My observation though – they are mostly written, shared and attended by women.

My view? Let’s hear and see men at the table too! Listening, understanding, recognising and speaking up, and marching alongside all women towards an equitable world. That’s the world I strive for and want to be part of.

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