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Giving Katie a brighter future


Last year over 5000 babies were taken into care around Australia, many of them in an emergency situation.

What this means is homes are needed to be found for them, some of them at the last minute.

Nine-month-old Katie* was one of them. She arrived only with the clothes she was wearing and her beloved teddy security blanket.

Some of OzChild’s carers are better suited to accommodate babies so they have the ability to prepare and have all the necessities ready when they are given a placement but often, there isn’t the luxury of time, especially with emergency placements.

With emergency placements sometimes the only carers available don’t have all the wear-with-all. No baby clothes, no cot or pram; not even nappies – all the essentials most families would have when a baby is brought into a home.

It was late at night when the call came to OzChild’s intake team to say that Katie was at risk due to family violence.

Could OzChild find a safe place with one of their carers for her to live for the next couple of days until the family situation was sorted out?

As with all emergency placements, sometimes at only a couple of hours notification, OzChild will move heaven and earth to find a home for each and everyone one of them.

In Katie’s case the OzChild staff were lucky to find Josie*. She normally looked after older children or teenagers, but on hearing about Katie’s plight Josie didn’t hesitate; she didn’t want her to be bounced around the system so she agreed to take her in.

But there was one major problem. Josie wasn’t set up for a baby. She didn’t have any of the essentials such as a cot, nappies, car seat and basic clothes that every baby needs and the supplies OzChild could normally draw from had been depleted due to the large number of babies and toddlers requiring foster care.

This is why we need your help. Will you donate today so we can provide a safe home?

In Katie’s instance the story ends happily as luckily within a few short hours and with the help of friends and families, and her OzChild case worker, Josie was able to locate all the essentials – a cot, nappies, a couple of changes of clothing. Katie had a safe place to stay, a cot to sleep in and some clean clothes.

It is sad to say that if Josie hadn’t been able to pull together the essentials: nappies, a cot, a car seat and some clean clothes, Katie’s story might have ended differently.

We would have been very disappointed if we hadn’t have been able to find Katie a safe place to stay and a loving carer to look after her.

Help us by donating this winter to ensure that OzChild never has to turn away other babies like Katie, because we are unable to provide carers with the essentials, especially in emergency situations.

Every donation will enable OzChild to create a care pack of essential items like nappies, a cot or a car seat, to make a child like Katie feel safe and welcome on their first night in a new home.

You are a critical part of the solution. You can literally change the life of a child like Katie by making a donation. If you can only donate a little, don’t worry, it all adds up to make a big difference.

Your donation will allow us to maintain a bigger pool of carers who are equipped to take these babies and toddlers in an emergency.

Your tax deductible donation will help give children the chance to shine.


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